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Founded in 1975, VULCAN is a leading baling wire supplier offering a wide range of baling wire and packaging strapping products. We provide the best in product selection, expertise, on-time shipping, and performance. We are a domestic manufacturer and distributor specialized in baling wire, steel and plastic cargo securement products.

Founded by Alice Combs in 1975 and incorporated in 1978, VULCAN was established to meet the strong demand for excellence in products and services within the steel industry. Like our wire, VULCAN is built with integrity right here in the United States. Our corporate office and main warehouse are both located in Hayward, CA where all of our manufacturing takes place.

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Send orders via EDI (SPS Commerce, Ariba, etc.) to the Vulcan corporate office.
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We support recyclers

Get the right size bale tie for your baler.

Not all bales are created equal. Some bales are big or small. Some bales expand or shrink. If you recycle paper, plastic, or metal, VULCAN WIRE will help you choose the appropriate gauge and length bale tie or auto tie wire specific to your baler needs. Call us today for a free quote.

Alice Combs Book Cover

Alice Combs, Founder

In the 1970’s Alice rose from a divorced mother on Food Stamps to a successful entrepreneur. After an employer stated, “you’re not corporate material,” my initial ignorance, and business mistakes, I founded a now healthy $10 million annual sales corporation.

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